• 1955. The YPK printed its first book which marked the beginning of the future many-millioned circulations of various kinds of literature.

  • 1993. The YPK was the first privatized plant among all Russian polygraphic enterprises and since then it has become the Joint-stock company.

  • 2000. YPK has been included into Arvato group of Germany media-concern Bertelsmann which now has been a holding company. Thanks to the totally reorganization of YPK management structure and regular Germany investments in the stock of machinery equipment the YPK is printing more than 3 million books every month.

  • 2008. 100% of the YPK shares belong to arvato. Now YPK is absolutely arvato print service Russia (APSR). The European approach to business dealing in a combination to semicentennial Russian printing traditions does APSR really by the unique printing plant.


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